Syringe Pump

FNM syringe pumps are designed as a low-cost unit, capable of holding 2 or 8 syringes of any make from 10μl to 60ml. These syringe pumps are ideal for delivering accurate and precise amounts of fluids for a multitude of syringe pump applications including electrospinning, infusing calibration into a mass spectrometer or reaction chamber, long term drug infusion to animals and general infusion applications.

    • Bright Display and Easy-To-Use Interface
    • Continuous flow of stream
    • Injection capability in microliter (µl) scale
    • Nonvolatile Memory
    • Programmable (HPM and HSM series)
    • Windows based Software (HSM series)
    • Appropriate for high viscose substances (more than 5 bars: HSH series)
    • Alarm as soon as the desired injection is completed (in HPM and HSM series)
    • Dual pump is available (220 series)
    • Autofill capability (HPM and HSM series); electric valve is optional
    • Infuse/refuse capability (HPM and HSM series)

Software Description (windows platform)
The programming functions of HSM series provide powerful capabilities for advanced experiments. While in program mode, the pump could perform the following tasks at a predetermined time or when prompted by a signal from an external device:
    • Start or stop pumping (injection)
    • Change pumping (injection) direction (infuse-withdraw)
    • Change flow rates
    • Pump (Inject) a precise volume and stop
    • Ramp up or down flow rates
    • Inject in a desired formula
In the “Program” mode, the above-mentioned tasks could be linked together into powerful programs to simplify your automation projects. (commands are available)

Internal Programming - -
Computer Control - - -
Autofill - -
High Pressure - - -
Model SP120 SP180 SP220 SP310
No. of Mechanical mechanism 1 1 2 1
Max. Syringe No. 2 8 2+2 1
Big Cylinder - - -
SP220 HSH → Syringe Pump, 2 motors, maximum 2 syringes, High precision, Software, High pressure
SP180 HPM → Syringe Pump, 1 motor, maximum 8 syringes, High precision, Programmable, Medium pressure

FNM Syringe Pump nomenclature:

X: 1: One mechanical system, 2: Two mechanical system, 3: One big mechanical system
YY: Max. Syringe lines. (1, 2, 4 or 10)
A: M: Medium precision H: High precision
B: O: not programmable; P: Internal programmable; S: Software and Internal programmable
C: M: Medium pressure H: High pressure

SP204 HSH → Syringe Pump, 2 motors, maximum 4 syringes, High precision, Software, High pressure
SP110 HPM → Syringe Pump, 1 motor, maximum 10 syringes, High precision, Programmable, Medium pressure
SP301 HSM → Syringe Pump, 1 motor, maximum 1 big syringe, High precision, Software, Medium pressure


Input Power: 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz.
Number of Syringe: Up to 2 (SP120 series) / Up to 8 (SP180 series)
Display: 4-line, 20-character LCD display
Nonvolatile Memory: Stores syringe inner diameter, rate, target volume, programs and settings
Syringe Type: Plastic, metal or glass
Minimum Flow Rate: 1 μl/hr using a 10μl syringe (barrel diameter: 1 mm)
Maximum Flow Rate: 5968 ml/hr using a 60 ml syringe (barrel diameter: 29 mm)
Pedal resolution per step: 10 nm
Linear Force (Max): 17 kg (in M series); 25 kg (in H series); measured at the 120 ml/hr injection rate
Drive Motor: 1.8° Stepper Motor
Motor Drive Control: Microprocessor with 1/128 micro stepping
Number of Micro steps per one rev. of Lead Screw: 25600
Step Resolution: 0.049 μm/μstep
Pusher Travel Rate: Minimum: 0.25 µm/min; Maximum: 152 mm/min
Connectors: USB (HSM Series)
Operating Temperature: 0 – 45 °C
Storage Temperature: 0 – 45 °C
Method of Operation: Continuous
Dimension: SP120: 24 × 26 × 20 cm, SP180: 24 × 34 × 20 cm
Weight: SP120: 4 kg, SP180: 5.8 kg
Warranty: 1 year

Typical Applications
    • Cell injection
    • Controlled drug injection
    • Electrospinning
    • Controlled reactive injection into the reactor
    • Lab on a chip

SP1000 SP2000 SP3000



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