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Fanavaran Nano-Meghyas (Fnm co. Ltd.;) was founded in 2004, is a knowledge based company and its goals are the development of nanofibers technology and its applications. FNM's products and services are design and production of electrospinning machines in lab, pilot and industrial scales as well as melt, force and blown electrospinning systems, with various accessories (High Voltage power supplies, Syringe Pumps and collectors), with focus on producing of respiratory face mask, power plant and automotive air and oil filters, window screen, vacuum cleaner bags, cosmetic face masks, wound dressing and etc. based on electrospun nanofibers.

FNM's lab-scale electrospinning machines are excellent for research and development of several kinds of ceramic, polymer, composites nanofibers. These machines have reasonable and competitive price with high quality and FNM has exported this machines to foreign countries. FNM's large scale electrospining machines can be used in coating of filters' papers by a layer of polymeric nanofibers. A thin layer of nanofibers increase the filtration efficiency, filter life-time and dust holding capacity without increasing the pressure drop. The produced nanofilters by this large scale machine are useful in cars' filter, power plants' filters, respiratory face masks, etc. The produced nanofilters passed required tests and standards and got needed certificates from some institute such as VTT (Finland) and DMT (Germany). Additionally, FNM is going to develop many kinds of technologies related to nanofibers including ceramic nanofibers, composite nanofibers, scaffold nanofibers and core-shell nanofibers. On the other hand FNM, we are also producing capillary electrophoresis which has a lot of applications in separation and detections of protein, DNA and nanoparticles, etc.

Our company’s R&D department is equipped with the following apparatus: Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), all types of electrospinning machines in lab and pilot-scale, ultrasonic homogenizer, and some filter test equipment.

Name of Company Fanavaran Nano-Meghyas (Fnm co. Ltd.)
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